翻訳ときどき通訳 - Occupational hazard???

Stress causes vertigo. Is that all? 

The MRI result did not show anything wrong with my brain, My doctor prescribed Betahistine but its side effect was too strong for me to be compliant. It causes nausia all the time. According to the second opinion, I am taking eye and head massage on a regular basis. It is expensive but better than nothing.

Translators are sitting at the desk all day long or sometimes almost 24 hours a day. Our eyes are fixated at the computer screen, and only fingers and certain synapsis are working. One of my massage therapist called my job as a Jizo Business. Jizo is a stone statue in this context. Biligual or multilingual, translators, interpreters ... those words sound cool, don't they? But the fact is translation is like an endurance racing.